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Message of the day Syntax Edit

You can customize the message that is sent to users. The only rule is that all lines must start with %I, after that use what ever text you like. You can also use the following parameters to further customize your message.

The parameters you can use here are:

  •  %a = number of registered accounts on the server
  •  %c = number of currently existent channels
  •  %g = total number of currently running games
  •  %G = games of users with same client tag
  •  %h = hostname of the server
  •  %H = contact name (as set in bnetd.conf)
  •  %i = userid of the user
  •  %l = username
  •  %N = name of the game the user has connected with
  •  %m = check user's mail when they login
  •  %r = IP of the user
  •  %t = client tag of the user
  •  %u = number of users currently logged in
  •  %U = users logged in with the same client tag
  •  %v = server version

Localized MOTDs Edit

This page includes MOTD files for every supported language. For tagging the file we use i18n tags. If your native language missing, please add it with proper i18n tag. If you don't know the i18n tag for your language/country, look here: