PvPGN started as a game server emulation project, taking the excellent bnetd project's source and working on it. While initially it was started as a WarCraft III emulation patch over bnetd, it become a lot more than that (lots of new features, lots of code changes organizing). Because of the code roots you will notice a lot of things still carrying the "bnetd" word (most notable examples are the main servers program file called "bnetd" or the main server configuration file called bnetd.conf). We considered that as a sign of respect from us to the bnetd coders; we also keep their names on the code they wrote (but on the new code of course we may name them different).

Around the time of PvPGN 1.7.9 release we branched the code base, and started to work on PvPGN 2.x, the next big version, a C++ based version.

PvPGN Objective

PvPGN's main objective is to support many gaming network protocols so that users can setup LAN parties and Internet gaming communities. As such it focuses mainly on those protocols that are both popular and where the client vendor (game maker) has NOT released any kind of server software that you can run to achieve the goal above (like Battle.Net, Westwood Online, etc).

The current status is almost complete support for Battle.Net (all games) and limited Westwood Online support. We also offer the possibility to connect to PvPGN using non-gaming related protocols like IRC and telnet for better interoperability regarding the chat feature of the server (one of the main features as a gaming server).