PvPGN 1.8.2 | PvPGN 1.8.3 | PvPGN 1.8.4

This version was released on 18 July 2008.

You can get this release from

Major new features

  • Undocumented features (aka bugs) removed
  • Documented previously undocumented features
  • Dune 2000 Support


1.8.3 (2008-07-18)


  • Fix: Added some missing channel modes
  • Fix: Added proper messages when client was banned from channel or when channel is full
  • Fix: Bug when IIRC was not stored as last used client tag


  • Update: Added WAR3/W3XP IX86 1.19a/1.19b/1.21b/1.22a vcheck entries
  • Update: Added STAR/SEXP IX86 1.15.2 vcheck entries
  • Update: Added D2DV/D2XP IX86 1.12a vcheck entries
  • Fix: Rewritten all STAR/SEXP/W2BN/DRTL IX86 vcheck entries to match new ver-ix86-1.mpq file (this fixes connection problems on Windows Vista systems)


  • New: Added Dune 2000 Support
  • Fix: Possible steal account through hard-coded password
  • Fix: Malformed time format in start-game message
  • Fix: Log warnings/errors rising in login process
  • Fix: RA2/YURI bug when host of game could not change max players


  • Fix: Malformed output by /cg list command
  • Update: Added IX86 autoupdate with latest clients versions