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Nightly Builds
The features mentioned in this section are currently only available in non-production releases such as nightly builds, betas or release candidates. They will most likely be in the upcoming 1.9.0 stable release.

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This is a compilation of features that were introduced in trunk after the 0.6 branch, that will most probably be in the 0.7.0 stable release. It is not a complete list, but rather an overview of the more noticeable features.

Developments in trunk since 1.8.0 Edit

Item Assigned To In trunk since
CMAKE - added cmake build system support 1.99-r384
WOL - completed support for all WOL clients 1.99-r384
WOL - disable account creation via irc/wol when new_accounts=false 1.99-r384
WOL - added support to allow/deny WOL clients in bnconf.conf 1.99-r384
WOL - added support for battle clans 1.99-r384
WOL - added various protocol related fixes 1.99-r384
WOL - added apireg support 1.99-r384
MISC - added /clan whisper subcommand 1.99-r384

Current developments happening in branches Edit

Item Assigned To SVN path Binaries

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