Customizing your PvPGN Server with WinMPQ Edit

Software and files you need:

  • WinMPQ
  • Visual Basic 4 Runtime
  • Runtime Files Pack 3

At the time the latest WinMPG version is 1.64.

Downloading the software: Edit

From the website:

  • point your browser to the above website
  • select your required files (WinMPQ, Visual Basic 4 Runtime, and Runtime Files Pack 3)
  • save them on your local hard-drive.

Extracting and installing the software: Edit

After we have all this files in one place we’ll start the real job. Extract the files from their archives, this we will be done using the Windows unzip tool.
(comes as part of Windows):

First we'll extract WinMPQ:

  • right click on --> Extract All...
  • extract the files to C:\Program Files\

Second we'll extract the Visual Basic 4 Runtime:

  • right click on --> Extract All...
  • extract the files to C:\Temp\Vbr4
  • browse into C:\Temp\Vbr4
  • double click on setup.exe
  • follow install prompts

Third we'll install the Runtime Files Pack 3:

  • right click on --> Extract All...
  • extract the files to C:\Temp\RunPack3
  • browse into C:\Temp\RunPack3
  • double click on setup.exe
  • follow install prompts

Customizing Server: Edit

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You can customize your PvPGN server -> your WarCraft III The Frozen Throne client. I want to write what can you do with your PvPGN server. First you must understand lots of things. Warcraft 3 and also TFT use mpq files. These mpq files the most important. War3x.mpq stores all the data (maps, textures, models, music, etc), and you can easily modify these files. But most importantly you can customize these files only to your PVPGN server! You can make custom login screen, logo, banner, icons change war3 music :)


But how does this is work?

When you connect to or PVPGN server, you download icons-WAR3.bni. This is a support file (everyone knows that). In the PvPGN-1.99-rx releases you can find this file here -> \pvpgn\var\files\icons-WAR.bni
We will open this file with an mpq editor.

Start winMpq.exe and click File->Open->Find your support file dir.


After you Open the file you will be see this.


.blp files are the WarCraft picture files. So if you want to modify a file or add new ones, you can put them here. Just drag and drop them.

You need also a .blp file converter tool.

This tutorial is not finished yet...

[QUOTE]This tutorial is not finished yet..[/QUOTE]

ofcourse it is ;)